Studio lines

13 September 2006

studiobeauty_2.jpg studiobeauty_3.jpg studiobeauty_4.jpgAlexa chung.jpg studiobeauty_5.jpgAlexa chung.jpgstudiobeauty_6.jpgAlexa chung.jpg

Various shoots for London-based hair salons.

• Photographer: Will Whipple
• Hair & make-up: Erin Shaw
• Models: Melody @ Storm, Alexa Chung @ IMG
• Location: Film Plus, London, UK
• Date: November 2005 to April 2006



Daylight beauty

13 September 2006

locationbeauty_1.jpg locationbeauty_2.jpg locationbeauty_4.jpg locationbeauty_5.jpg locationbeauty_6.jpg

Shooting beauty outdoors comes will a whole bag of problems, mostly for the hair and make up teams.

• Photographer: Will Whipple
• Date: May 2005 to July 2006
• Location: West Country, UK
• Client: Test

Wind-blown dark corners

2 September 2006

darkbeauty_1.jpgolga.jpg darkbeauty_2.jpgolga.jpgdarkbeauty_3.jpgolga.jpgbodyworks_4.jpg windbeauty_1.jpg windbeauty_3.jpg windbeauty_2.jpg windbeauty_4.jpgalexa chung.jpg

This is a collection of the moody side of my studio work, all shot in the last year or so for a range of publications and for my portfolio. Some shot on film and some on digital – I wanted to see how digital handles this lower level of lighting that film treats so well.