The Brighton eco story

9 May 2007

For this test I hooked up with a few friends, one with a shop in Brighton and my sister.

They are both uber creative, so mix us all up together and I think we got some great images. There was a vintage
feel running through this story, and a slightly theatrical feel to the setting of both the shop, Igigi, and clothes, some of which were provided
by eco brand PR company Element23. All in all another crackin’ day!

Model: Jessica Neiderberger @ Take 2
Hair and make up by: Erin Shaw @ Models 1

Eco clothing and accessories PR: Jocelyn Whipple –
Styling/Igigi contact: Zoe –

Jessica Neiderberger Jessica Neiderberger 2 Jessica Neiderberger 3 Jessica Neiderberger 4


One Response to “The Brighton eco story”

  1. Amazing as always… You should check out my latest on the blog. There is an event on the 30th I think you can get some good shots at. It definitely won’t be boring… lol.



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