Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge has really been put to the test with Colin Firth winning an Oscar.

But rising to the occasion dressed in very ethical dress by Gary Harvey – Livia is proving it is possible to look amazing while dressed in ethical fashion.

Will Whipple


Check out for my latest work as I’m no longer updating this site.

For this test I hooked up with a few friends, one with a shop in Brighton and my sister.

They are both uber creative, so mix us all up together and I think we got some great images. There was a vintage
feel running through this story, and a slightly theatrical feel to the setting of both the shop, Igigi, and clothes, some of which were provided
by eco brand PR company Element23. All in all another crackin’ day!

Model: Jessica Neiderberger @ Take 2
Hair and make up by: Erin Shaw @ Models 1

Eco clothing and accessories PR: Jocelyn Whipple –
Styling/Igigi contact: Zoe –

Jessica Neiderberger Jessica Neiderberger 2 Jessica Neiderberger 3 Jessica Neiderberger 4

GQ best dressed

9 May 2007

Workin with looky likies must be a bit odd, we did not have to go quite that far as
the clothes and stylist did most of the talkin..
Stylist: Jodie Harrison
location: Film Plus studios W10

best dressed 1 best dressed 2 best dressed 4 best dressed 5

Denim images

5 March 2007

Really enjoyed making these images. Great crew, and although the studio took the cake away before we had a chance to eat any – it all went smoothly!

Styling – Sairey @ Cosmopolitan
Hair – Dino @ using Clinique
Make Up – Linda Andersson @ S Management using MAC
Model – Bo @ Select

den_.jpg den_2.jpg den_3.jpg den_4.jpg

janejul2006-10.jpg janejul2006-7.jpg janejul2006-9.jpg janejul2006-8.jpg janejul2006-6.jpg

janejul2006-5.jpg janejul2006-4.jpg janejul2006-2.jpg janejul2006-1.jpg

We shot at dusk on the sea front at Rottingdean, near Brighton. Some kids threw rocks at us and one missed the model’s head by inches. Not ideal.

• Photographer: Will Whipple
• Stylist: Tilly Hardy
• Hair & make-up: Liberty Shaw
• Model: Jayne Moore @ Select
• Location: Rottingdean seafront, Brighton, UK
• Date: 7 July 2006
• Client: Test

laurenjul2006-1.jpg laurenjul2006-3.jpg laurenjul2006-4.jpg laurenjul2006-2.jpg

laurenjul2006-5.jpg laurenjul2006-6.jpg laurenjul2006-7.jpg laurenjul2006-8.jpg

We drove from London to Brighton the night before this shoot and managed to take the wrong road. Ended up in Hastings and, after being delayed by a massive accident, I think it took about three hours to get to Brighton. Two hours sleep later, we’re shooting on the seafront by Hove Lawns opposite Wells Coates’ Embassy Court – recently renovated beautifully by Terence Conran.

• Photographer: Will Whipple
• Stylist: Tilly Hardy
• Hair & make-up: Liberty Shaw
• Model: Lauren Tempany @ IMG
• Location: Seafront, Brighton, UK
• Date: 7 July 2006
• Client: Test