Yard Zombies Ball

6 November 2006

_b9q159.jpg _b9q1520.jpg _b9q1521.jpg _b9q1525.jpg _b9q1527.jpg _b9q1533.jpg _b9q1542.jpg _b9q1549.jpg _b9q1559.jpg _b9q1584.jpg _b9q1604.jpg _b9q1609.jpg _b9q1635.jpg _b9q1645.jpg _b9q1661.jpg _b9q1664.jpg _b9q1670.jpg

Another cracking party provided by the surfing, skating, fun-loving South Devon crew The Yard. I think I saw 2 out of 200+ folk not dressed to the nines! After an hour I had to put my kit down and get involved…

• Photographer: Will Whipple
• Location: Totnes, Devon, UK
• Date: October 2006


Three men in a tub

4 October 2006

tubrace_1.jpg tubrace_1.jpg tubrace_3.jpg tubrace_4.jpg tubrace_5.jpg tubrace_6.jpg tubrace_7.jpg

A few years ago some friends of mine built a drivable bath tub as part of a comic performance. We had lots of fun driving it around Liverpool Street for a day, and got some very funny looks! 🙂

• Photographer: Will Whipple
• Location: East London, UK
• Date: November 2005
• Client: Three Men in a Tub

Studio lines

13 September 2006

studiobeauty_2.jpg studiobeauty_3.jpg studiobeauty_4.jpgAlexa chung.jpg studiobeauty_5.jpgAlexa chung.jpgstudiobeauty_6.jpgAlexa chung.jpg

Various shoots for London-based hair salons.

• Photographer: Will Whipple
• Hair & make-up: Erin Shaw
• Models: Melody @ Storm, Alexa Chung @ IMG
• Location: Film Plus, London, UK
• Date: November 2005 to April 2006


Daylight beauty

13 September 2006

locationbeauty_1.jpg locationbeauty_2.jpg locationbeauty_4.jpg locationbeauty_5.jpg locationbeauty_6.jpg

Shooting beauty outdoors comes will a whole bag of problems, mostly for the hair and make up teams.

• Photographer: Will Whipple
• Date: May 2005 to July 2006
• Location: West Country, UK
• Client: Test

Wind-blown dark corners

2 September 2006

darkbeauty_1.jpgolga.jpg darkbeauty_2.jpgolga.jpgdarkbeauty_3.jpgolga.jpgbodyworks_4.jpg windbeauty_1.jpg windbeauty_3.jpg windbeauty_2.jpg windbeauty_4.jpgalexa chung.jpg

This is a collection of the moody side of my studio work, all shot in the last year or so for a range of publications and for my portfolio. Some shot on film and some on digital – I wanted to see how digital handles this lower level of lighting that film treats so well.



22 August 2006

For me so far this has been one of the best parties of the summer.
Congratulations to Ben and Oli for making the big 3-0.
I could not put my camera down till late the following afternoon – it was summer in the Devon countryside at its best!

party_011.jpg party_021.jpg party_04.jpg party_05.jpg party_06.jpg party_07.jpg party_08.jpg party_09.jpg party_12.jpg party_13.jpg party_14.jpg party_15.jpg party_16.jpg party_17.jpg party_18.jpg party_19.jpg party_20.jpg party_21.jpg party_22.jpg party_231.jpg party_241.jpg

janejul2006-10.jpg janejul2006-7.jpg janejul2006-9.jpg janejul2006-8.jpg janejul2006-6.jpg

janejul2006-5.jpg janejul2006-4.jpg janejul2006-2.jpg janejul2006-1.jpg

We shot at dusk on the sea front at Rottingdean, near Brighton. Some kids threw rocks at us and one missed the model’s head by inches. Not ideal.

• Photographer: Will Whipple
• Stylist: Tilly Hardy
• Hair & make-up: Liberty Shaw
• Model: Jayne Moore @ Select
• Location: Rottingdean seafront, Brighton, UK
• Date: 7 July 2006
• Client: Test